Silent Gliss electric roller blinds

Concealed Motorised Silent Gliss Roller Blinds in Sandbanks, Poole

Project: Waters Edge – Residential Home

Location: Sandbanks Poole

Sector: Private residential

Date of install: 10/2020

Products:  Silent Gliss electric roller blinds with Colorama fabric, Blindspaces boxes, Silent Gliss 6970 motorised curtains

Working with a local designer and builder on a full refurbishment of a penthouse suite in the Sandbanks area. The clients brief was for automated roller blinds all around the property and for their complete concealment. This led to the selection of motorised Silent Gliss 4960 electrically operated roller blinds with Colorama fabric to meet the needs of the widths required and to have the homely soft feel which was the very focal point of the project. We came up with the idea of concealing the systems in Blindspaces boxes which had to be incorporated in the build stage. This required coordinating with the designers, builders, and the client to meet everyone’s expectations to achieve the final product being seamlessly installed.  

Custom Blindspace boxes were manufactured for the kitchen windows at a depth of 70mm due to the space restriction. This then required the blinds to be specifically manufactured to suit the restriction which I3 made in house still using the Silent Gliss Colorama fabric. We were tasked with the curtain tracks and soft furnishings which had the same level of detail. All tracks were recessed into the ceiling using a Silent Gliss 6970 and curtains were tailored to suit the rooms layout. Some required uneven stacks according to available wall space. The Client was very clear on all curtains finishing on the edge of the reveals.

The project was finished to the client’s exact requirements and was a complete success.