Lutron Roller blinds complement both traditional and contemporary designs and are available in different sizes to accommodate the needs of any room.
Choose from hard-wired or battery-powered options.
All Lutron blinds feature intelligent hembar alignment, which was designed to synchronize all motorised blinds in a single room, or in an entire home.
At Infiniti, we work tirelessly to provide our clients and customers with the highest quality, cutting-edge lighting control Lutron products. All of our products lend themselves to different applications, and we are more than happy to recommend a product to you based on your specific needs and requirements.

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Hard-wired fascia options

Fascia—this decorative cover conceals the roller and is ideal for more conventional spaces; it’s available as round or square.

Fabric opacity

• Open weaves preserve views to outside and filter sunlight
• Ideal for rooms where you don’t need complete privacy
• Tighter weaves transform harsh daylight into a soft, filtered glow
• Provides increased privacy for spaces like bathrooms
Room darkening
• Opaque fabrics block light from entering a space
• Ideal for bedrooms and media rooms for complete privacy

Battery-powered roller blinds

Battery-powered blinds are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and ideal for areas that require a wire-free solution.
Battery basics
These blinds use regular store-bought batteries, with battery life dependent on blind size, fabric type, and the number of times the blind is opened and closed every day. That means the blind has the potential to move thousands of times on a single set of batteries. The batteries are located within the headrail; simply tip the headrail forward to reveal the battery tray, without taking the blind down.
Blind sizes
Standard battery-powered roller blinds are available as wide as 2.4 m and as tall as 3.6 m. You can also choose an option, called WIDR, that accommodates blinds larger than 2.4m wide.

Battery-operated fascia options
Fabric-wrapped—ideal for applications with a more traditional design aesthetic, fabric-wrapped fascia provides a finished look with matching fabric. Architectural—provides a clean and contemporary aesthetic for spaces that require a modern finish.
Exposed standard—this versatile design can be hidden with custom top treatments or left exposed for a more industrial look. Exposed WIDR—the same basic look as exposed standard, but with a different bracket design.

Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds add luxury to a space with their elegant textures, as well as depth, thanks to their cellular design—which also provides superior insulation.
Choose from battery-powered or hard-wired options.
Precision control – All Lutron blinds feature intelligent hembar alignment, which was designed to synchronize all motorised blinds in a single room, or in an entire home.
Top treatment – A colour-matched headrail can be installed on its own or paired with your own top treatment.

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