Silent Gliss Roller Blinds

Silent Gliss Roller Blind
Silent Gliss Roller Blind
Silent Gliss Roller Blind

Silent Gliss roller blinds and Curtains

Silent Gliss Roller Blinds

Clean Lines
Versatility of shading
Manual & Automated
Exceptional quality


Silent Gliss is a leading global supplier of motorised and manual curtain and blind systems to the high-end market.

Designing for both contract and retail, Silent Gliss understand that innovative products, exceptional quality and outstanding service are always of paramount importance.

All Silent Gliss roller blinds are made to measure. Regardless of the size and shape of the window, there is always a Silent Gliss product available to provide you with your perfect solution.
Their clean lines complement modern architecture and interior design perfectly. They allow maximum shading with minimum window obtrusion.

The Swiss engineered systems only feature parts of the highest quality that are extensively tested. Every system is made-to-measure by a team of experienced specialists to guarantee perfect functionality, day after day. Silent Gliss motorised roller blinds feature virtually silent operation and programmable intermediate stops.

Silent Gliss offers the most comprehensive, technically advanced roller blind systems for contract and residential applications. Their clean lines and modern design complement any style, whilst providing discreet but effective shading. Various operating possibilities together with colour customisation offer the right solution for any room. Whether spring, chain, battery or electrically operated, you can shade your room from translucent to blackout by choosing from our wide fabric selection.

In some situations, hard wiring to a window is not possible. The Silent Gliss battery-operated blind SG 4960 is wireless, making it the ideal retrofit solution.

Motorisation of Silent Gliss Roller Blinds

Connected roller blinds offer the advantage of operating two blinds simultaneously with one drive or motor whilst reducing the light gap to a minimum. For sloped situations and roller blinds exposed to wind or heavy ventilation, the side guided option with stainless steel wires, avoids unwanted movement of the fabric.

Silent Gliss rollers are available in manually, spring, wired and wireless operated options, allowing for a product to suit any application.

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