Acoustic Curtains & Blinds for Audio Visual AV

Infiniti Shading solutions offer expert soundproof acoustic curtains and blinds, our expert advice will ensure that you get the best possible results for soundproofing and dim-out in your studio, boardroom, theatre or even bedroom.

The design and installation of an Audio Visual system involves many disciplines and choices, which is why many AV companies choose to use Infiniti to design the perfect sound and light managment and shading solution with absolutely no comprises.

Acoustic Curtains & Blinds

Typically soundproof curtains & blinds reduce that noise by between 21-25 dB

It has been proven that flexible materials increase the transmission loss of blocking materials, since the sound will not travel through the material as easily so instead of rattling like the skin of a drum, the acoustic curtain slowly absorbs the motion and dampens it.

Dimout curtains and blinds

Our Dimout blinds and curtains can be linked to the AV systems to allow shows to run automatically with the correct degree of room darkening. Anti-glare blinds can be connected to artificial lighting control to ensure the optimum light level for viewing is maintained at all times.

We partner with many AV companies providing specialist advice and years of experience to ensure the seamless integration of the shading solutions using either fully integrated and automated or manually operated curtains and blinds to ensure there is no distraction from the audio visual presentation.

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Audio Visual
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