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Infiniti-3 has sourced from a range of manufacturers a beautiful range of residential and commercial blinds and window products, to offer our clients a wide range of furnishings to suit almost every application.

Roman & Roller Blinds
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Curtains & Tracks

All our curtains tracks offer the perfect combination of strength, quality and design choosing from the best manufacturers’ ensuring you have the right product for the space and environment.

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Audio Visual AV – acoustic curtains & blinds

The design and installation of an Audio Visual system involves many disciplines and choices, which is why many AV companies choose to use Infiniti to design the perfect light managment and shading solution with absolutely no comprises.

Infiniti curtains blinds for AV audio visual
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Residential – curtains, blinds & soft furnishings

Covering and area including London and the South of England, Infiniti Shading solutions has extensive experience in providing blinds, curtains and canopies for residential properties be it a London town house or a traditional Farmhouse in Dorset .

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Commercial – shading for hotels, offices & retail

For commercial Roller Blinds and Curtains our expertise will create a positive and good working environment that will improve productivity and performance of your staff by reducing glare and controlling the heat throughout the seasons.

Silent Gliss Roller Blind
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Public Sector – for hospitals, libraries and airports

Infiniti 3 work with architects, contractors and directly with property owners; further more we manufacture and install both blinds and curtains for the public sector be it local authorities, libraries, schools, museums and sports centres.

B;inds & Shading for Libraries by Infiniti
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Soft furnishings

The addition of soft furnishings to shading project bring out the style and elegance of any curtain or blind. Infiniti shading Is building an excellent reputation in the design and manufacture of high-quality soft furnishings.

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Infiniti-3 Automation

Infiniti-3 offer a diverse range of automated window treatment products, for the ultimate in convenience and superior aesthetics. Almost every product in our range can be specified as electrically operated.

Creation Baumann Electric Curtains
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